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How to choose the right AC size for your Home or Office

Choosing the right AC

Choosing the right kind of AC can be a difficult problem. Air Conditioners come in various size and shapes from a variety of brands. Its essential to pick up the AC with the right cooling capacity otherwise the AC may not cool your surroundings sufficiently or may cool excessively. Either scenario could be very uncomfortable.

In this article we shall be telling you some simple ideas and steps to learn about choosing the best AC for your home or office.

1. Consider the Location and Area Size

The first thing to examine is the size of the area the AC will be cooling. Larger spaces need more cooling power and smaller places can be cooled with smaller capacity ACs easily. Larger ACs also consume more electricity, so you should choose the AC model and size judiciously.

If you are cooling a small office chamber or clinic chamber, a small sized AC can be sufficient. Consider going with a 1 Ton AC. At smaller sizes and smaller cooling capacities star rating is not very significant. A 3 Star AC should be power efficient.

If you need an AC for your bedroom then consider a slightly bigger AC. A 3 star 1.5 Ton should be sufficient for a bedroom of size upto 150 sq-feet.

If you need to cool a dining hall that is 300 sq-feet or more, then go for a large sized AC of 2 Ton capacity. At 2 Ton capacity, power consumption would be significant, and if you plan to run the AC for long hours then go for higher power ratings as well. For example a 5 Star 2 Ton Voltas or Hitachi would be a great choice.

2. Split or Window

Split and Window ACs are the 2 common types of air conditioners used in residential and commercial spaces for indoor cooling. Window AC is a single unit machine that has to be placed in a outer wall cut-out or a window panel. It cools the inside of the house and releases exhaust gas from the behind. Window ACs were very common in olden days.

In modern times, Split ACs have become more popular due to their flexibility in installation choices. A Split AC has an indoor unit that can be installed inside the house on any wall without have to cut large holes in the wall. The outdoor unit has to be installed outside the house and connected to the indoor unit via a pipeline.

We recommend Split AC for all requirements, except when its not possible to install Split AC and Window AC is the only feasible option.

3. Inverter vs Non-Inverter

4. Finally, Which Brand

We recommend Hitachi and Voltas

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