AC Repair and Servicing

ac installation services
AC Repairing
AC giving problems ? No Problem. Give us a call and we shall repair your air conditioner and make it super cool again. We provide ac repair services at super low cost.

We Repair all AC Types: Split AC, Inverter AC, Window AC, Cassette AC, Ducting AC.

All Brands: Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, Blue Star, Samsung, LG, Godrej, Panasonic

Lowest Prices: We provide services at the lowest cost and charges. Call an expert Now!

Hassle Free Installation at lowest prices!

ac installation services

We have over 30 years of experience in ac installation and repair. Our team of experts can handle your ac installation job easily.


1. Expert Engineers - Our team of expert engineers can handle any kind of ac installation task. Be it a split ac, window ac, cassette ac or ducting ac.
2. Low Cost and best prices - With us, you are assured of the best service at the lowest installation charge.
3. Fast Response - Our super fast service ensures that you get your ac installed within 24 hours of booking your call, with us.

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Quick and easy Repairs at super low prices!

Looking for the best AC Repair Contractor. We provide repair services for all kinds of ac from all brands. Be it a window ac, split ac or a cassette or ducting ac. Our experts can handle it all.

We provide repair services for all brands including Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, Samsung, Blue Star, Godrej, LG, Carrier, O-General etc.

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ac repair services

The Process in Detail

ac installation services

Installing an air conditioner is a cumbersome process and requires a lot of work with careful inspection. Depending on the type of ac you need to install there might be a lot of extra work involved like cutting out frames in walls or windows. The electric lines need to be checked to ensure proper and safe power supply to the air conditioner unit.

Our technicians will do the whole thing and make sure that the installation process goes smooth and you are saved from any kind of hassles. Once the installation is done, you are ready to enjoy the cool air in your home or office!

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Installation and Repair services for all major AC Brands